Salutations, sun-kissed kids!

Summer's soon fading to fall, so it's back to school for learning types, and back to the brain factory for us. While you've been beaching it and lollygagging about, we've been amplifying the awesomeness of Vimeo. Check it:

Video On Demand: Now with rentals,
preorders, and promo codes

Vimeo On Demand now gives you even more options for viewing and selling amazing work. Viewers can rent or buy, and creators can take preorders, give out promo codes, and track performance better with new stats.

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What does a spinning record see?

Dynamic dance moves, chessboard chaos, and other antics! Filmmaking duo Wriggles & Robins shows you the world through the eyes of a record player in the latest installment of The Lincoln Motor Company's  landmark series, Hello, Again.

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Afraid of commitment? Try renting.

Check out these amazing works available on Vimeo On Demand. (Warning: You might enjoy these so much that you buy them anyway.)

affiche du film A TEACHER
affiche du film CHINA HEAVYWEIGHT
affiche du film VARMINTS

A Teacher

China Heavyweight


Part psychological thriller and part provocative character study, A Teacher explores the unraveling of a young high school teacher after she begins an affair with one of her students. Start watching >>.

This is no "wax on, wax off" situation. Central China teens are trained as Western-style boxing champions in this drama featured at Sundance 2012. But the question remains: Should they fight for Olympic gold medals, or money and fame? See it >>.

How can one small creature save an entire world from destruction? Varmints, based on the book written by Helen Ward and illustrated by Marc Craste, tells the story of a lovable rodent struggling to preserve his natural habitat. Watch it >>

Expect to hear from us soon about more ridiculously awesome somethings.
Hasta la autumn, amigos!


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